AtlantisThe Game: In a conceptually simple but occasionally very difficult game, you man three fixed artillery batteries defending the advanced underwater city of Atlantis. Alien spaceships pass overhead, and you have to choose your target – and which See the videoBuy this gameof the three guns you’re firing – carefully in order to knock them out. Any ships which survive one pass will drop down one level and make another pass. At the lowest level, the ships will begin bombing the city, knocking out habitation domes, power generators, and even your artillery nests. When the final destruction of Atlantis comes at last, one tiny ship escapes into the sky… (Imagic, 1982)

See the original TV adMemories: A pretty simple variation on the Missile Command format, Atlantis starts out exceedingly simple, luring you into a false sense of security. After a while, the game is just about unbeatable. Second only to Activision in its wonderfully crafted games, Imagic made its games extremely colorful, with distinctive graphics and sounds that became an Imagic signature.

The question is…did the survivors of the city in Atlantis launch the Cosmic Ark…or did it pay the city a visit to preserve two of its people in the darkest hour? The escape ship seen at the 4 quarters!end is the same sprite, and uses the same sound, as the scout ship in Cosmic Ark. Imagic’s designers may have been more clever than anyone thought – not only were they making good games, but they connected their games together to form a mini-saga.