Adventures Of Tron

Adventure Of TronThe Game: As video warrior Tron, you scale the heights of the MCP’s domain, avoiding Tanks, Recognizers and Grid Bugs, and trying to collect Bits. You can occasionally hitch a brief ride on a perpetually airborne Solar Sailer on one level, allowing you to fly over your opponents’ heads for a few seconds. (M Network [Mattel], 1982)

Memories: Though formatted like one of the numerous platform adventure games that would one day become associated with Mario, Adventures Of Tron, while quite challenging, is frustrating since there seems to be no actual goal to reach. After a few levels, it becomes extremely repetitious.

Adventure Of Tron3 quartersUnlike Deadly Discs, Adventures Of Tron is a Tron game that’s completely unique to the 2600 – though that wasn’t the original intention. It’s nearly impossible to tell by looking at or playing the game, but this game started life as the Atari port of the Intellivision game Tron Maze-A-Tron – and whatever my qualms with Adventures Of Tron may be, I’ll at least give it points for being more fun than the game that inspired it.