Warp Warp

Warp WarpThe Game: What do you do when you’re alone in a space filled with big-tongued alien meanies? Well, you shoot ’em, naturally! The game starts in a wide-open, unrestricted playing field in which both you and the aliens can move about freely. Two structures in the center of the screen form a “warp” through which you can See the videoinstantaneously transport yourself into a different playing field, a structured maze also filled with nasties. Only this time, instead of a gun, you have bombs which you can only leave in your wake – and hopefully you can run far enough in that time that the bomb will only blow up the aliens, and not yourself. You can return to the warp – and the first playing field – when it flashes. (Rock-Ola [under license from Namco], 1981)

Memories: This is an oddity in arcade history, and not everyone knew that it came from the same hotbed of creativity that spawned Pac-Man, Dig Dug and Galaga – especially since it really wasn’t that much of a hit.

Warp Warp Warp Warp

4 quarters!People identified it more with Rock-Ola’s other obscure imported titles (i.e. Fantasy, Eyes) – and industry reports at the time seemed to point toward Rock-Ola ponying up to pay dearly for the Warp Warp license. But if you play it now, it has all the hallmarks of Namco’s other output from around that time – and it’s actually rather addictive.