FreewayThe Game: Why the chicken crossed the road is no longer the question. Now the question is will the chicken cross the road? That part is up to you. You are the chicken. You must avoid traffic, but that’s a real challenge when Buy this gameyou’re confined to a straight vertical line from the bottom of the screen to the top. You can’t deviate left or right. You can only charge – or retreat. Getting hit by a car will send you back to your starting position to try again. Getting all the way across the street increases your score by one point. (Activision, 1981)

Memories: An incredibly fun game, and one of a then-dying (well, for that matter, it’s still dying) breed of two-player games, Freeway beat the Atari 2600 version of Frogger to the stores by a year. But the gang at Activision, as always, used their intimate knowledge of the 2600’s technical limitations to prevent such 4 quarters!unwanted artifacts as flickering sprites from marring the game.

My mother loved Freeway – the “chirping chicken” sound heard whenever your fleet-footed fowl was flattened by fast-moving foes always made her laugh.