Cosmic Conflict!

Cosmic Conflict!The Game: This is a very simple first-person space game in which you watch various and sundry harmless space freighters waft lazily past your screen, punctuated at regular intervals by TIE-fighter-like attackers which do pose a moderate See the videothreat to you (but not much of a moderate threat). (Magnavox, 1980)

Memories: It’s a simple game – it’s not inconceivable that one could beat it on the first try. Cosmic Conflict!The packaging on the game makes a big deal about the fact that, at the end of a game, successful or not, “Star Command” will greet you with an evaluation on your progress in the form of a crawl – not unlike the ones you see at the bottom of your local TV’s stations picture in the event of bad weather or what have you – that scrolls across the screen. Evidence of simpler times, eh?

Cosmic Conflict!2 quartersCosmic Conflict! seems to be very loosely based on the 1979 coin-op Star Fire by Exidy – right down to that game’s fascination with enemy ships that look suspiciously like TIE fighters. The connection is very tenuous, though – Cosmic Conflict! is far, far more simple.