I've Got Your Number!The Game: Two characters take up position on either side of two rotating clusters of numbers and symbols. A simple math problem or algebraic equation (nothing too fancy, usually just involving symbol or shape matching) appears in the bottom center of the screen, and you must guide your character to physically touch the appropriate number or symbol to correctly answer the problem. The first player to answer ten problems correctly wins the game (and, somewhat alarmingly, gets to watch his onscreen icon momentarily balloon to twice its normal size with an odd “explosion” sound). (Magnavox, 1979)

Memories: A nice, simple little educational game, this one was a bit “young” for me by the time I got an Odyssey2, but I can see where it would’ve been great for younger kids, and would probably help build a foundation for a better understanding of algebra than I was ever capable of demonstrating on paper.

I've Got Your Number!With the tall, lanky characters easily being too big to slither between orbiting numbers and symbols, the designers resorted to using the action button to duck the character’s head, which is a bit weird but worked – and added a little bit of arcade finesse to 4 quarters!what is actually a pretty neat little game.

I know most people groan at educational or edu-tainment titles, but I have to say I always liked this one.

I've Got Your Number!