Computer Golf!

Computer Golf!The Game: As man eked out his existence in the dark ages with only his animal cunning and the brutal power of the club, so do you in this golf See the videosimulation, in which you putter around nine different courses in an attempt to make a hole in one – or simply to stay under par. (Magnavox, 1978)

Memories: Though Baseball! was a better-playing game, Computer Golf! must be, quite simply, the most memorable Odyssey2 sports game there was.

Computer Golf!Computer Golf! had lots of neat touches. When your ball landed in the green, the green would then take up the full screen, allowing you to plan your drive to the hole more precisely. But the funniest part of this game – the very thing which makes it so memorable – is that, if your ball bounced off any of the trees along the fairway, your on-screen character 4 quartersslams his club into the ground repeatedly and throws a cute little electronic fit!

Not a bad touch of realism and comedy for 1978, eh?