Casino Slot Machine!The Game: You pays your money, you takes your chances. Pull the lever (or, in this case, the joystick) and try to get the fruit to line up. If you succeed, you’re in good shape; if you don’t, well, you’re out some more change. (Magnavox, 1978)

Memories: While I actually rather enjoyed the Odyssey2 Las Vegas Blackjack! cartridge, I have a hard time gleaning even the slightest measure of enjoyment from Casino Slot Machine!.

Casino Slot Machine!My biggest problem with the Odyssey edition of the one-armed bandit? Pretty simple: there’s nothing in this game that couldn’t have been done with a battery-powered LED A dime - ouch!handheld. And while some may make that claim about other graphically simple Odyssey2 titles, it’s true here – there’s no real meat to the game, and almost zero replay value. Which, considering how well the simple approach to Las Vegas Blackjack! worked, is disappointing.