Bowling! / Basketball!The Game: Hit the hardwood in one of two sports. Roll your big shiny one down the lanes and try to knock down all the pins in Bowling!, or go for a basket in Basketball! Not possible in Odyssey2 Basketball!: fouls, three-point shots, free throws, most steals… (Magnavox, 1978)

Memories: Granted, neither the bowling nor basketball games for the Atari VCS which competed for shelf space with this two-in-one Odyssey2 title were significantly better, but they would’ve been hard pressed to turn out significantly worse. Basketball!Truthfully, Atari’s Basketball had a little more – we’re talking a minute amount here – visual finesse than the same sport’s equivalent on the Odyssey. And as for laying down the ten-pins…it’s sort of like video pinball. Bowling is a sport rooted in physics – the weight of the ball, the amount of force you put behind it, your aim – and no video game can match that experience or even adequately simulate it (it took Wii Sports to 1 dime!  Ouch!even begin to get close). Especially not a game where the player’s entire control consists of lining up the ball and hitting the action button to launch it.

Rather like Football!, not the best pair of Odyssey2 sports simulations.