Star Trek: Of Gods And Men – music by Justin R. Durban

Star Trek: Of Gods And MenReleased free by the composer as a downloadable online demo, this is basically the complete score from the first act of the three-installment semi-pro fan film Star Trek: Of Gods And Men. Composer Justin R. Durban has an extensive resume that includes film and video game work, and so, like many of the stars of Gods, he’s no newcomer to the business.

In terms of how Gods stacks up to other Star Treks musically, perhaps the best comparison I can draw – though I’m not saying they sound a lot alike – is Star Trek VI: dark, subdued music in an orchetral vein, with occasional choral textures and gutturally percussive moments of action. It’s not really like anything else in the Star Trek musical canon, but then neither is the movie it accompanies.

The musical intrigue and darkness pile up quickly in the opening scenes that depict a low-level Starfleet member’s death at the hands of a mysterious visitor. Things lighten up a bit for the visit to the museum ship Enterprise, but when the story’s timeline is altered and we wind up in something like the Mirror Universe a la the Klingon Empire, things turn dark and stay that way. The percussion and rumbling low brass aren’t a million miles away from the music the accompanied the Klingons in several Star Trek movies, though that theme isn’t quoted at all – we’re talking similar instrumentation and stylistic choices.

Everything sounds convincingly orchestral, and the choral vocals pass muster as well. If anything strikes me as something that even comes close to a weak point here, it’s that the music often drops back to a low drone, which is great for dialogue, but a drone is a drone. I’m the kind of guy who’d like the composer to keep something going in the background, and let the sound mixers worry about how much sonic space the music and the dialogue are occupying, but Gods’ director (Voyager star Tim Russ) and producers may have had different ideas during spotting, in which case the 3 out of 4composer’s just following instructions/suggestions.

It’s an interesting contrast to most other music you’d associate with Star Trek – even compared to other fan films. Then again, that seems to hold true for everything to do with Of Gods And Men, not just the music.

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  1. Main Titles – Act I (1:15)
  2. Data Clerk’s Demise (1:47)
  3. Uhura’s Log (1:31)
  4. Home Again (4:11)
  5. Charlie’s Revenge (1:28)
  6. Capturing The Fox (3:26)
  7. The Needs Of The Many (2:59)
  8. The Calm Before The Storm (2:57)
  9. Approaching The Planet (1:58)
  10. Vulcan’s Last Gleaming (1:58)
  11. End Credits – Act I (2:30)

Released by: Edgen Music
Release date: 2007
Total running time: 26:00