Sting – Ten Summoners’ Tales

Sting - Ten Summoners' TalesA little bit more manic than Blue Turtles, this album begat the singles “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You” and “Fields Of Gold”, but the fun doesn’t stop there. In fact, there are songs which are vastly superior to those singles, my favorites of which are “Heavy Cloud, No Rain” (possibly the closest Sting has ever come to returning to the jazz style heard on Turtles) and the starkly somber “Shape Of My Heart”. I strongly advise those who really liked Turtles to give this one a listen.

3 out of 4

  1. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You (4:25)
  2. Love Is Stronger Than Justice (The Munificent Seven) (5:09)
  3. Fields Of Gold (5:40)
  4. Heavy Cloud, No Rain (5:46)
  5. She’s Too Good For Me (2:30)
  6. Seven Days (4:39)
  7. Order this CDSaint Augustine In Hell (5:17)
  8. It’s Probably Me (5:08)
  9. Shape Of My Heart (4:38)
  10. Something The Boy Said (5:28)
  11. Epilogue: Nothin’ ‘Bout Me (3:41)

Released by: A&M
Release date: 1993
Total running time: 52:21