Star Trek V soundtrackMany people thought that the first Star Trek movie was a bad film which was saved by an incredible musical score. The first Star Trek movie was not a bad film. This, however, was. And perhaps fully conscious of this, the producers of Star Trek V opted to bring Jerry Goldsmith back to the Trek fold to score William “Captain Kirk” Shatner’s first foray into feature directing. Goldsmith himself didn’t exactly reinvent the wheel. His second Trek movie score rehashes the main theme and the Klingon signature tune from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and the original music that was composed specifically for this movie just doesn’t seem to be up to the standard of Goldsmith’s previous outing. (Maybe he lacked inspiration from the source material. I’d buy that explanation.) Some of the more tranquil passages are certainly up to a few 2 out of 4listens, including the movie’s opening scenes of Kirk scaling a mountain, and some ethereal music to accompany the initially benign appearance of a being that purports to be God. And the album is ended by a tune from Hiroshima, which was performed briefly – though not by Hiroshima – in the film.

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  1. The Mountain (3:53)
  2. The Barrier (2:54)
  3. Without Help (4:21)
  4. A Busy Man (4:42)
  5. Open the Gates (3:03)
  6. An Angry God (6:58)
  7. Let’s Get Out Of Here (5:15)
  8. Free Minds (3:20)
  9. Life is a Dream – end title (3:59)
  10. The Moon’s a Window to Heaven – performed by Hiroshima (4:00)

Released by: Epic
Release date: 1989
Total running time: 42:25