Star Trek: First Contact

Star Trek: First Contact soundtrackHonestly, my first impressions of the music from First Contact were less than favorable, but I realize now that this came from how poorly the score was mixed into the rest of the movie’s sound. I have to remind myself that the producer of the current Trek movies and TV series is Rick Berman, who seems as likely to have the bleeping, roaring, atmospheric sound effects on top of the mix as he is to put the music there. Berman, preparing to produce his second Trek feature, chose Goldsmith to score it, and may have been displeased with how prominent a sound the acclaimed composer can deliver. Even if you’ve seen First Contact ten times, you haven’t heard the music, because it’s hardly even present in the film’s sound mix. Tagging along with dad is son Joel Goldsmith, who demostrates that he can actually do better than the infamous Star Trek: Voyager theme CD single by providing some percussive Borg cues firmly based in the musical tradition of horror movies. Even though the elder Goldsmith slavishly quotes his own Star Trek: The Motion Picture theme, some small motifs, and most ridiculous and annoying of all, the Klingon theme (now heard whenever Worf walks into the frame), he introduces several fascinating new thematic elements, including metallic percussion and the famous “Blaster Beam” sound not heard since Star Trek II for the Borg, as well as an alternately reverent and wistful theme 4 out of 4for the movie’s first contact between mankind and aliens. Even if you, like me, were unimpressed with the music in the movie, fear not – because you weren’t given a fair chance to hear it. This album offers a chance to hear the music without dialogue and sound effects, and a chance to add to your collection of refrigerator magnets as well. (You probably think I’m joking, don’t you?)

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  1. Main Title / Locutus (4:17)
  2. Red Alert (2:13)
  3. Temporal Wake (2:07)
  4. Welcome Aboard (2:40)
  5. Fully Functional (3:18)
  6. Retreat (3:59)
  7. Evacuate (2:19)
  8. 39.1 Degrees Celcius (4:44)
  9. The Dish (7:05)
  10. First Contact (5:52)
  11. End Credits (5:24)

    Featured songs:

  12. Magic Carpet Ride – performed by Steppenwolf (4:25)
  13. Ooby Dooby – performed by Roy Orbison (2:08)

Released by: GNP Crescendo
Release date: 1996
Total running time: 40:31