Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Emissary

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine soundtrackWow. If you thought this was impressive with the sound effects and dialogue over it, you’d better fasten your safety belts and listen to this thing with headphones on at full blast. Much more action in the music than the show’s sound mix would lead one to believe. What’s more, McCarthy even makes brief use of the “chorus” effect initiated by Ron Jones for the Borg all the way back in Best Of Both Worlds. The original incarnation of the DS9 theme tune is majestic, the scenes surrounding the discovery of the wormhole are haunting, ethereal and mysterious, and the action sequences 4 out of 4are shattering. I highly recommend this mold-breaking Trek soundtrack over almost any other CD with the Star Trek title on the cover. It’s on the DNP Album List, too.

  1. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine main title (1:55)
  2. Wolf 359 (4:51)
  3. The Enterprise Departs / A New Home (1:11)
  4. Trashed and Thrashed (1:59)
  5. Order this CDBajor / Jake / Saying Goodbye (1:44)
  6. Cucumbers in Space (1:44)
  7. New Personality (2:18)
  8. Into the Wormhole (3:41)
  9. Time Stood Still (4:13)
  10. Searching For Relatives (1:13)
  11. Painful Memories (4:21)
  12. Passage Terminated (3:43)
  13. Back to the Saratoga / What Shields? (2:00)
  14. Reconciliation (3:19)
  15. The Sisko Kid (4:41)
  16. A New Beginning (1:48)

    Single/rock versions:

  17. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine main title (4:17)
  18. Passage Terminated (3:33)

Released by: GNP Crescendo
Release date: 1993
Total running time: 52:31