Split Enz – The Beginning of the Enz

Split Enz - The Beginning of the EnzThis album begins with the first two songs written and performed by Tim Finn and Phil Judd, then known, along with a handful of comrades, as a new all-acoustic band in New Zealand called “Split Ends” (also the title of one of those songs). The very sparse sound present in most of the band’s first singles – gathered here on one album a few years after the fact – is haunting, particularly the mysterious “Spellbound”, the rather sad “No Bother To Me”, and the hysterical “Sweet Talking Spoon Song”. As the album goes on, the 3 out of 4band gets more electric and employs more studio know-how, but it’s all identifiably Split Enz and makes for teriffic listening. In the case of “Spellbound”, this early version is considerably superior to the later version on Mental Notes in its simplicity! And the sound of Te Awamutu had a truly sacred ring.

  1. Split Ends (1:53)
  2. For You (3:53)
  3. Order this CD 129 (2:51)
  4. Home Sweet Home (3:46)
  5. Sweet Talking Spoon Song (3:25)
  6. No Bother To Me (3:13)
  7. Malmsbury Villa (2:52)
  8. Lovey Dovey (3:26)
  9. Spellbound (4:35)

Released by: Mushroom
Release date: 1979
Total running time: 29:54