Split Enz – See Ya ‘Round

Split Enz - See Ya 'RoundThis much maligned album spelled the end of the Enz. Perhaps the reason so many have a dim view of this finale is because Tim Finn left after Conflicting Emotions, and left Neil in charge, who with percussionist Noel Crombie and keyboard-god Eddie Rayner represented the only survivors of the band’s late 70s lineup. Tim’s absence doesn’t invalidate See Ya ‘Round automatically, though; despite the considerably more synthesized approach, the music is recognizably Split Enz material. The sound is geared much more toward synths, sequencers and drum machines than previous Enz fare, and Neil’s somber songwriting conveys the feel of Crowded House much more than Split Enz. Still, there are some fantastic songs within – including “One Mouth Is Fed”, “Years Go By” and the deceptively bouncy “Kia Kaha”, all 3 out of 4of which center around dark themes such as the unfairness of life and the inevitability of change and death. This album also contains the first appearance of “I Walk Away”, which would be revived in a much more reserved form on the first Crowded House album. I like it a lot, but some with less flexible interpretations of what made Split Enz the band that it was don’t seem to enjoy it as much.

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  1. Breakin’ My Back (3:53)
  2. I Walk Away (3:50)
  3. Doctor Love (4:17)
  4. One Mouth Is Fed (3:27)
  5. Years Go By (4:14)
  6. Voices (3:31)
  7. The Lost Cat (5:40)
  8. Adz (4:13)
  9. This Is Massive (3:18)
  10. Kia Kaha! (4:07)
  11. Ninnie Knees Up (3:17)

Released by: Mushroom
Release date: 1984
Total running time: 43:57