Seven Days - music by Scott GilmanLong-delayed and eagerly awaited by a small but loyal audience, the soundtrack from UPN’s Seven Days has finally arrived. Admittedly, since the UPN brass interfered with the show and mandated plots that slavishly copycat hit movies from the past 10 years, I’m more a fan of the music than of the series itself. The CD contains the scores of three episodes, the early (and rather good) Vows and Come Again? and the first season’s finale, EBEs. And of course, the album includes the outstanding opening theme for the show, both with and without the introductory dialogue. The main titles alone are worth the price of admission, with a relentless snare drum that leaps back and forth between a hip-hop beat and a military cadence. The music itself isn’t bad, given that Seven Days is done 3 out of 4entirely on synths – but the percussion impresses me more than the music itself. The beat leaps into hyperactive speeds at some points, almost demanding that one get up and dance. EBEs is the exception, embracing a more low-key, menacing, almost Berman-era Star Trek approach. If you’re a fan of the show or want to hear some amazing beats, this is a good album to pick up.

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  1. Main Title (with dialogue) (0:50)
    Music from the episode Vows:
  2. Teaser (0:46)
  3. Robbery Goes Bad (2:50)
  4. Who Is Clary? (0:48)
  5. Parker Meets Clary (0:18)
  6. Backstep (2:10)
  7. Clary Dies (2:29)
  8. Clary’s Funeral (1:20)
  9. Frank’s Gone (1:02)
  10. Frank Tries To Go Back (1:40)
  11. Suit Up (1:42)
  12. Let’s Do It Again (1:16)
  13. The Wedding (1:21)
  14. Trailer (0:47)
    Music from the episode Come Again?:
  15. Never Never Land (0:20)
  16. Sobering Thought (3:33)
  17. Chase (1:59)
  18. This Is Elise (1:56)
  19. The Big Fight (3:39)
  20. I Need A Valium (1:12)
  21. Saving Axelrod (1:44)
  22. Time Loop From Hell (3:52)
  23. One More Time (1:46)
  24. Mouth Shut (0:50)
    Music from the episode EBEs:
  25. Walt Landis / Alien Vengeance (4:49)
  26. Checkmate / Olga Looks For Clues / Backstep / Fruit Basket / Code Black / Mentnor Peeps / Peculiar Nature / Test Pilot (8:54)
  27. You Owe Me This / Citizen X / On The Move (6:01)
  28. Mutant Babies (2:40)
  29. Wide Open / My Daughter / New Start (4:12)
  30. End Title (0:50)

Released by: GNP/Crescendo
Release date: 1999
Total running time: 66:44