Nixon – music by John Williams

Nixon soundtrackIt’s appropriate enough that the controversial Oliver Stone would call upon John Williams to underscore the director’s newest retelling of a deceased American President’s life story. Where Williams’ treatment of JFK seemed experimental, electronic and appropriately unsettling, his take on the life of Richard Nixon (as told by Stone) seems much more serene and traditional in comparison. There’s also some outstanding solo trumpet work. Interestingly, two tracks actually do bear a strong resemblance to Williams’ JFK soundtrack, one being a recap of the decade leading up to Nixon’s presidency (which includes 1963), the other piece accompanying the Watergate 4 out of 4break-in itself. And somewhat more pleasingly, the Nixon soundtrack contains only one non-original piece – a brief statement of the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” – and the rest of the album consists of the movie’s score (as opposed to JFK‘s 1960s hit parade). Highly recommended, and the best Williams movie score in years.

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  1. The 1960s: The Turbulent Years (5:04)
  2. Main Title…the White House Gate (4:17)
  3. Growing Up In Whittier (2:42)
  4. The Ellsberg Break-In and Watergate (2:43)
  5. Love Field: Dallas, November 1963 (4:51)
  6. Losing a Brother (3:18)
  7. The Battle Hymn of the Republic (1:03)
  8. Making a Comeback (2:20)
  9. Track 2 and the Bay of Pigs (4:47)
  10. The Miami Convention: 1968 (3:19)
  11. The Meeting with Mao (3:09)
  12. “I Am That Sacrifice” (4:49)
  13. The Farewell Scene (5:01)

Released by: Hollywood Records
Release date: 1995
Total running time: 68:13