JFK – music by John Williams

JFK soundtrackThis is an interesting mix of new sounds and musical ephemera of the early to middle 60s accompanying Oliver Stone’s hotly debated film on a conspiracy behind the Kennedy assassination. Perhaps most surprising are the dark, despairing and brooding pieces concocted by John Williams, whose usual musical style always seems to be stuck in a celebratory mode. The original score segments are heavy on synthesizers and electronic percussion, with harsh and sometimes even violent retorts from the traditional orchestral complement. If you thought you’d heard it all where Williams was concerned, you may like this distinctly different work. The oldies but goodies on this album are also nicely selected, from “El Watusi!” to some wonderfully selected classics – not rock ‘n’ roll, mind you, but very good easy-listening, especially “Maybe September”. Capping it all 4 out of 4off is Williams’ beautiful 8-minute “Arlington”, a funereal piece mourning the loss of America’s innocence, accompanying the film’s scenes of Kevin Costner honoring the eternal flame that marks the dead president’s burial plot.

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  1. Prologue (4:00)
  2. The Motorcade (5:14)
  3. Drummers’ Salute (2:55)
  4. Theme from JFK (2:23)
  5. Eternal Father, Strong To Save For Those In Peril On The Sea (1:19)
  6. Garrison’s Obsession (2:33)
  7. On the Sunny Side of the Street (Sidney Bechet) (4:23)
  8. The Conspirators (4:04)
  9. The Death of David Ferrie (2:47)
  10. Maybe September (Tony Bennett) (4:03)
  11. Garrison Family Theme (2:14)
  12. Ode to Buckwheat (Brent Lewis) (3:54)
  13. El Watusi (Ray Barretto) (2:41)
  14. The Witnesses (2:46)
  15. Concerto #2 for Horn & Orchestra K 417:1 Allegro Maestoso (6:29)
  16. Arlington (6:29)
  17. Finale (3:14)
  18. Theme from JFK (reprise) (2:23)

Released by: Elektra
Release date: 1992
Total running time: 63:51