Jason Falkner – Can You Still Feel?

Jason Falkner - Can You Still Feel?It took me a while to warm to the second solo project by Jellyfish’s original guitarist, and after a week or so of listening to it, the thought has occurred that perhaps I set my expectations too high for it as well. Opening up with a very brief, low-key opening, the album jumps into high gear with Author Unknown (which actually borrows its title from Jason’s first album). Again, the emphasis seems to be on 70’s-style power pop, though the production values here skew a little more Beatlesque and groovy than the first album did. My favorites – so far – include “Revelation”, the very cool “Holiday” (which also has some of the best lyrics I’ve heard anyone write in a long time), and the heavy “I Already Know”. I can’t put a finger on why the album as a whole doesn’t grab me like its predecessor did – some of its songs are certainly worthy of 4 out of 4the honor – but it could be the leaning toward obviously-dated 70’s production techniques and keyboards, even though I tend to enjoy a lot of music that really is from that period. But in retrospect, it took me a long time to warm to some of the songs on Jason’s first album which now rank as my favorites, so it may be a month or three before the real brilliance behind Can You Still Feel? hits me.

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  1. The Invitation (0:26)
  2. Author Unknown (3:32)
  3. Revelation (5:45)
  4. My Lucky Day (3:25)
  5. Holiday (3:59)
  6. Eloquence (3:42)
  7. I Already Know (4:26)
  8. See You Again (5:06)
  9. Honey (4:15)
  10. The Plan (4:45)
  11. All God’s Creatures (2:54)
  12. Good Night, Sweet Night (4:10)

Released by: Elektra
Release date: 1999
Total running time: 46:27