Highlander: The Original Scores

Highlander: The Original Scores soundtrackThis handy compilation album features music from the previously unreleased scores of all three Highlander films. Admittedly, the whole disc is worth it just for Michael Kamen’s orchestral counterparts to the original Highlander, which most people just seem to assume was scored by Queen. To the contrary, you’ll probably remember the cue “Rachel’s Surprise / Who Wants To Live Forever?” from the scene where Connor MacLeod has to deliver a fatal stab to himself in order to prove to his leading lady that he’s immortal…yowee, that’s gotta hurt! But the music is a beautiful rendition of the song usually associated with Queen, and that track alone 3 out of 4justifies the whole album. Thankfully, the overly synthesized Stewart Copeland pieces from the ill-fated second movie are kept to a minimum and are graciously short. The slightly less ultra-modern music from the only-slightly-better-fated third Highlander movie, scored by J. Peter Robinson, are nice, but it’s hard to beat Michael Kamen’s contributions to the original Highlander.

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    Highlander by Michael Kamen

  1. The Highlander Theme (5:19)
  2. Rachel’s Surprise / Who Wants To Live Forever? (4:08)
  3. The Quickening (3:14)
  4. Swordfight at 34th Street (2:24)
  5. Under the Garden / The Prize (4:04)
    Highlander II: The Quickening by Stewart Copeland
  6. Finger Dip (2:00)
  7. Rebel Troops (2:09)
  8. Dam Raid (1:22)
  9. White Cloud (1:44)
  10. Mac Absorbs Reno (2:51)
  11. Shield Shatters / Alan Dies (3:52)
    Highlander: The Final Dimension by J. Peter Robinson
  12. Love Theme / Shrine Fight (5:30)
  13. Massacre – The Beginning (5:45)
  14. Laundry Room / Quickening II (3:30)
  15. Revolution (5:30)
  16. Final Battle / Quickening III / Epilogue (7:01)

Released by: Edel
Release date: 1995
Total running time: 61:08