Dave Edmunds – Information

Dave Edmunds - InformationIf this album is famous for anything, it’s probably famous for being oft-mistaken for ELO. Jeff Lynne of ELO fame produced the first two singles from an album that sounds like Dave Edmunds’ attempt to refashion himself as a synth-pop-rocker after years of a perfectly satisfactory career as an old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roller. The Lynne-produced “Information” and “Slipping Away” (the latter of which Lynne also wrote) sounded almost exactly like ELO’s 1983 Secret Messages album, with the trademark harmonies, keyboard and guitar work in just the right amounts. Edmunds produced the rest of the album, and it’s still good stuff, even with the unusually synth-heavy tone of the whole thing. Among the best on this album rating: 3 out of 4are “What Have I Got To Do To Win?” (my favorite, an experiment in synth-heavy blues rock) and “Don’t Call Me Tonight”, and Edmunds even makes a concession to pure rock – and heavy blues rock at that – with “Wait”. It’s not for nothing that Edmunds earned himself a reputation as one of Britain’s best rockers.

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  1. Slipping Away (4:19)
  2. Don’t You Double (3:13)
  3. I Want You So Bad (2:36)
  4. Wait (4:10)
  5. The Watch On My Wrist (2:07)
  6. The Shape I’m In (2:26)
  7. Information (3:52)
  8. Feel So Right (3:29)
  9. What Have I Got To Do To Win? (3:16)
  10. Don’t Call Me Tonight (2:26)
  11. Have A Heart (2:55)

Released by: Columbia
Release date: 1983
Total running time: 34:49