Crowded House

Crowded HouseThe debut album from Neil Finn’s very own post-Split Enz trio was quite a surprise in the synthesizer/drum machine-dominated mid-1980s. Instead of veering to the opposite extreme – thundering hard rock – Crowded House embraced a unique sound of only a few instruments and Finn’s trademark vocals. The biggest hit Crowded House ever had, “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, comes from this album, as do its moderately successful follow-ups, “Something So Strong” and “World Where You Live”, a somewhat less well-known number. Other tracks to listen for are “Hole In The River”, a harsh song inspired by the suicide of Finn’s aunt (this could also be the basis of the later song “Catherine Wheels” from the band’s fourth album), “Mean To Me”, which Neil wrote after a particularly amusing incident with a rabid American fan who crossed the globe to see him, and “I Walk Away”, a cover of a song that originally appeared on the final rating: 3 out of 4Split Enz studio album only a year earlier. CDs of the Crowded House album also contain a bonus track, “Can’t Carry On”, which is obviously a remnant of those final Split Enz sessions, as it sounds almost nothing like Crowded House. A very good album, though Temple Of Low Men may be a better introduction to Crowded House.

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  1. Mean To Me (3:16)
  2. World Where You Live (3:04)
  3. Now We’re Getting Somewhere (4:06)
  4. Don’t Dream It’s Over (3:57)
  5. Love You ‘Til The Day I Die (3:32)
  6. Something So Strong (2:52)
  7. Hole In The River (4:00)
  8. Can’t Carry On (3:57)
  9. I Walk Away (3:07)
  10. Tombstone (3:30)
  11. That’s What I Call Love (3:39)

Released by: Capitol
Release date: 1986
Total running time: 39:00