Crowded House – Together Alone

Crowded House - Together AloneI’ve been singing the praises of this one since November 1993 – don’t miss this one! This one resembles the group’s debut album more than either of the previous two. The rocky sound of the first album can be heard very clearly, and track 4 “Black & White Boy” is the hardest rocking Crowded House tune to date, beating out even “Love You ‘Til The Day I Die” or even any live covers of Split Enz’s History Never Repeats. Neil Finn hasn’t lost his flair for ballads, though – some of the very best are on here: “Nails In My Feet” continues CH’s knack of having just a handful of instruments playing, yet still sounding absolutely majestic, and “Catherine Wheels” – a song which would seem to concern itself rating: 4 out of 4with spousal abuse – is haunting as well. The title track is also very interesting, with native percussion and a huge mixed choir singing in Maori. Neil’s brother Tim, who left soon after Woodface‘s release, is barely seen or heard from on this album, replaced by longtime CH road musician Mark Hart.

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  1. Kare Kare (3:35)
  2. In My Command (3:43)
  3. Nails In My Feet (3:39)
  4. Black and White Boy (4:01)
  5. Fingers of Love (4:26)
  6. Pineapple Head (3:28)
  7. Locked Out (3:18)
  8. Private Universe (5:38)
  9. Walking On The Spot (2:55)
  10. Distant Sun (3:50)
  11. Catherine Wheels (5:12)
  12. Skin Feeling (3:56)
  13. Together Alone (3:57)

Released by: Capitol
Release date: 1993
Total running time: 51:38