Crowded House – Temple Of Low Men

Crowded House - Temple Of Low MenFar surpassing their debut album, this collection went on to be something of an odd failure sales-wise in the States. Most probably remember it as being the album that spawned “Better Be Home Soon”, a bittersweet ballad very much in the style of “Don’t Dream It’s Over” (with a very similar video to match). In actuality – at least from my own perspective – this album was far better, with some wonderfully intricate guitar and vocal work courtesy of Neil Finn. The songs tend to lean in the direction of very sparse, haunting atmosphere that listeners of Together Alone may be a little more familiar with. Highly rating: 3 out of 4recommended: “Into Temptation”, a nearly-sinister ballad with a small string section, “Love This Life”, somewhat similar to the former, “Never Be The Same” and “In The Lowlands”.

  1. I Feel Possessed (3:48)
  2. Kill Eye (3:14)
  3. Into Temptation (4:34)
  4. Order this CD Mansion in the Slums (3:45)
  5. When You Come (4:46)
  6. Never Be The Same (4:29)
  7. Love This Life (3:36)
  8. Sister Madly (2:53)
  9. In The Lowlands (3:58)
  10. Better Be Home Soon (3:07)

Released by: Capitol
Release date: 1988
Total running time: 38:10