Babylon 5: Sleeping In Light

Babylon 5: Sleeping In Light soundtrackThe hauntingly tragic music from the final hour of Babylon 5 is easily the jewel in Chris Franke’s crown over the past six years. There is almost nothing that ties this episode’s music to the rest of Babylon 5, with the exception of a couple of cues which appeared in the two episodes preceding Sleeping In Light. Even the theme is a treat, since the unique titles in Sleeping In Light were not only completely different from any other main theme in the show’s history, but didn’t appear until the end of the episode, giving a “bookend” effect. The music’s success lies with the Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra’s string sections more than usual, giving the tragically touching episode’s story a very human musical treatment. Though Franke has achieved great intensity in the past, that intensity has 4 out of 4usually been of the fiery, warlike variety, whereas Sleeping In Light relies on a purely emotional intensity and genuine acoustics. There’s much more subtlety in the music than really got through in the televised sound mix, and anyone who watched the episode and thought, “Wow, the music’s really good this week!” should give this CD a listen – even if you thought it was good, it’s better than you think.

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  1. Act One (2:11)
    • Sheridan’s Dream (1:36)
    • Sunrise (0:45)
  2. Act Two (2:51)
    • I Have a Message (1:57)
    • Come To Minbar (0:53)
  3. Act Three (7:11)
    • How Long Do I Have? (1:27)
    • Old Friends (2:26)
    • I Am Going To Miss Him (1:43)
    • Sheridan’s Last Wish (1:39)
  4. Act Four (5:05)
    • It’s Sunday On Earth (0:27)
    • Goodnight, My Love (2:00)
    • Only Memory (1:22)
    • Computer, Set Course (1:24)
  5. Act Five (5:39)
    • The White Light (1:16)
    • Echoes of the Past (1:19)
    • Dying Station (2:32)
    • Delenn’s Sunrise (0:32)
  6. End Title (1:44)

Released by: Sonic Images
Release date: 1999
Total running time: 24:40

Babylon 5: Objects at Rest

Babylon 5: Objects at Rest soundtrackThe last Babylon 5 episode produced, this episode dealt primarily with the scattering of the show’s cast of characters. As such, there aren’t many action cues; the only fast-paced material surrounds Lennier’s betrayal of Sheridan halfway through the show. But in many ways, the more reflective and quiet music on this disc is much more interesting than any action cue that could’ve been jammed into the show sideways. Objects At Rest is very closely linked, thematically, to the final episode aired, Sleeping In Light. And those similarities in tone extend to the music. Sheridan’s salute to the new crew of Babylon 5 appropriately echoes the music heard over the destruction of the station in Sleeping In Light, and the final cue before the end credits of Objects At Rest serves as a very effective musical prologue to the next episode. Other moments worth listening for: Franklin’s 4 out of 4departure (given a rather lonely, melancholy sound instead of playing up the emotion), Sheridan’s recorded message to his unborn child, and especially the unsettling music heard as Londo – now Emperor of the Centauri – communicates with his new masters as he leaves Minbar. You’ll get much more out of Objects At Rest by listening to it back-to-back with Sleeping In Light.

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  1. Teaser (3:44)

    • Opening "Objects At Rest" (0:31)
    • Sheridan and Lochley Say Goodbye (0:37)
    • Message from G’Kar (1:08)
    • Babylon 5 season five main title (1:30)
  2. Act One (3:51)

    • G’Kar’s Emotional Address (1:29)
    • Franklin Is About To Leave (0:43)
    • Lennier’s Surprise Visit (0:27)
    • Garibaldi On Mars (0:39)
    • Garibaldi’s Idea / Franklin’s Goodbye (0:55)
  3. Act Two (6:39)

    • Rumors (0:39)
    • The Word "Goodbye" (2:35)
    • One Last Look At The Place (2:33)
    • Danger and Betrayal (0:53)
  4. Act Three (4:14)

    • Desperation (2:00)
    • Minbar – The New Home (2:15)
  5. Act Four (4:08)

    • Delenn and Londo’s Moment (1:05)
    • Londo’s Sealed Gift (0:34)
    • The Modesty (1:21)
    • Dark Secrets of Fate (1:26)
  6. Act Five (5:17)

    • Sheridan’s Message (1:33)
    • Talking To The Unborn (2:14)
    • Delenn and Sheridan (1:00)
    • End Title (0:36)

Released by: Sonic Images
Release date: 1999
Total running time: 27:52

Babylon 5: Falling Toward Apotheosis

Babylon 5: Falling Toward Apotheosis soundtrackAhh, yes! Sonic Images does actually listen to their buying public. The label has, for some time, had an e-mail address set up to take requests from Babylon 5 fans to determine which episode soundtracks will appear next, and Falling Toward Apotheosis – a critical early season 4 favorite of mine – has been on my want list for a long time. A fair-sized snippet of one scene appeared on the second B5 suite compilation, but ended before some of the best music in the episode, accompanying the (literally) thunderous exit of the Vorlon ship whose master is being ambushed inside the 4 out of 4station. There’s at least one cue, “The Vorlon Strikes Back”, which I don’t even recall hearing in the show – I even looked at it on tape again and couldn’t find it – so perhaps we have a first for the Babylon 5 episodics, a “we didn’t use it in the final show, but we’re putting it on CD anyway” cue of the sort which has long been a fixture on Star Trek: The Next Generation soundtracks. Exciting stuff!

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  1. Teaser (4:26)
    • Our Greatest Enemy Is Fear (1:32)
    • Main Title (1:27)
  2. Act One (6:56)
    • Garibaldi Reviews Videos (0:35)
    • Garibaldi Is Concerned (0:43)
    • Cartagia’s Madness (0:45)
  3. Act Two (4:36)
    • Garibaldi’s Physical Exam (0:29)
    • Interplanetary Emergency (1:35)
    • A Reason To Come Back (1:13)
    • Plan To Attack Kosh 2 (1:41)
  4. Act Three (5:14)
    • The Team Enters Kosh’s Quarters (1:15)
    • The Vorlon Fights Back (0:25)
    • Team Retreat (0:48)
    • Fighting Evil (3:05)
  5. Act Four (4:00)
    • Light Against Darkness (3:23)
    • G’kar’s Execution Scheduled (0:36)
  6. Act Five (4:55)
    • Gathering of the Fleet (0:56)
    • The Engagement Ring (1:05)
    • G’kar Loses His Eye (1:48)
    • End Title (0:37)

Released by: Sonic Images
Release date: 1999
Total running time: 23:03

Babylon 5: Whatever Happened To Mr. Garibaldi?

Babylon 5: Whatever Happened To Mr. Garibaldi? soundtrackThis is another Babylon 5 episodic soundtrack I didn’t originally plan to buy, figuring that most of the music had been used elsewhere. Once again, I was proven wrong in this regard – the score to Whatever Happened, though numerous elements are lifted from or recycled by other episodes, is interesting and has several unique moments. A distinct and eerie theme runs through the scenes in which Sheridan is trapped with the ancient being known only as Lorien, and more specifically, in those scenes where Lorien delivers and reiterates his “tick, you’re alive, tock, you’re dead” speech, a chiming, clock-life motif can be heard…and that has to rate as one of the most clever, possibly the most clever musical metaphor that Christopher Franke has ever utilized in a Babylon 5 soundtrack. The “Delenn Addresses The Rangers” cue is another highlight, opening with a sweeping, heroic theme that I 4 out of 4don’t remember ever hearing in another episode, almost main title theme material. And another source music surprise is heard in the form of the music playing in the bar where G’Kar is trying to trackdown Garibaldi’s whereabouts (to be honest, I’d never really noticed music in that scene before). In summary, it’s a far more distinctive and worthwhile release than I originally gave it credit for!

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  1. Franklin’s Log / Sheridan, The Living Dead / Main Title (4:27)
  2. Between Moments / Tic-Toc / Bar Source / G’Kar Picks A Fight / Delenn’s
  3. Hiding Place / Friendship / Marcus Investigates / G’Kar Ambushed (4:47)
  4. Delenn Addresses Rangers / G’Kar, The Present (5:16)
  5. G’Kar and Londo Bargain / The First One (2:33)
  6. Lorien’s Explanation / Lorien’s Advice / End Title (5:04)

Released by: Sonic Images
Release date: 1998
Total running time: 28:41

Babylon 5: War Without End, Part Two

Babylon 5: War Without End, Part Two soundtrackAs I’ve mentioned already, I was glad to see Sonic Images release the soundtrack of both halves of War Without End, primarily because most of this two-parter’s music was never included on the second of the Babylon 5 compilation CDs, despite including some of the show’s most memorable moments. The “Delenn In Love” and “Delenn Leaves” cues feature a quiet, beautiful, and wistful theme for the aged Delenn of the future lamenting the fate that was soon to befall Sheridan. “Babylon 4 Disappears” and “Time Travel Arrival” are some of the best suspense music to appear in the series, and “Old Crew Approach” features the welcome return of the original Babylon 5 series theme in a time-bending moment where Sinclair and Garibaldi – as we saw them in the first season of the show – arrive in the “present” timeline (if indeed such a term can even be used in association with War Without End without confusing things further!). And there’s an amazing passage of flowing woodwinds and harps in the Babylon 4 Transfer cue – an incredible departure from Babylon 5’s usual reliance on electronics! Both parts of War Without End featured some grand music, and it’s nice to see that they’ve finally earned their place among the other episodes whose scores have been 4 out of 4demanded by B5 fans.

My only complaint after listening to these two? Since War Without End was a heavily interconnected two-part show, perhaps it should have merited a full length release, a la In The Beginning.

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  1. Looking Back / Sheridan’s Arrest / Freeze / Main Title (4:24)
  2. Sheridan Lost in Time / Delenn in Love / Delenn Leaves (4:12)
  3. Londo’s Reception / Londo’s Fate Revealed / Unfinished Business / Sheridan’s
    First Return / Babylon 4 Disappears
  4. Time Travel Arrival / Time Flash / Old Crew Approach / Zathras Arrested
  5. Babylon 4 Transfer / Zathras Revelation / Let’s Go Home (10:24)
  6. Sinclair’s Transformation / Valen Appears / End Title (3:41)

Released by: Sonic Images
Release date: 1998
Total running time: 32:41

Babylon 5: War Without End, Part One

Babylon 5: War Without End, Part One soundtrackPerhaps not surprisingly, fan and customers didn’t request the music from this popular third season two-parter – they demanded it. The music from both parts is quite unique, and served as the first appearance of many themes, from the foreboding sound later associated with Sheridan’s suicidal leap at Z’ha’dum, to the flowing orchestral tension motif which would later be heard in Falling Toward Apotheosis, among others. But there are several unique moments here which never appeared again, like the recurring heroic-but-weary motif heard in several White Star scenes, or the slightly humorous yet still enigmatic chiming sound which often seemed to be associated with Sinclair. There 4 out of 4are also some wonderful choral effects heard in the brief opening scenes set on Minbar, and a strange percussive passage for the Great Machine of Epsilon 3 (and its keepers, Zathras and other creatures like him). Along with the second part of this two-part epic, this is worth the time to sit and listen to closely.

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  1. Minbari Homeworld / Opening the Mystery Box / Main Title (4:00)
  2. Sinclair Ship Ready / Return to the Beginning / ID Check / Epsilon 3 (6:04)
  3. Delenn’s Request / Vision of Destruction / Delenn’s Explanation (5:26)
  4. Sheridan’s Reaction / Delenn / Sinclair’s Flashback / Garibaldi Sent Home /
    Go To The Rift
  5. Time Travel / Shadow Bomb / Interception / Sheridan Captured (6:19)
  6. Delenn Worried / No Doubts / Londo’s Revenge / Tradition / End Title (3:24)

Released by: Sonic Images
Release date: 1998
Total running time: 32:04

Babylon 5: Lines Of Communication

Babylon 5: Lines Of Communication soundtrackThis episode, featuring the first full appearance of the Drakh (the primary enemy in Crusade) in Babylon 5 lore, should’ve had a much more distinctive musical score than it gets here. There are some unique touches, such as a horror-film-inspired musical “stabbing” motif for the Drakh, and a strange synthesized sound which seems inspired by the glass rod, which is often used as a musical signature for the otherworldly and the terrifying. I’d also swear that there are hints of electric guitar, or perhaps a sample thereof, cutting into the proceedings as Delenn launches a devastating counterattack on the Drakh fleet. But other than that…there isn’t anything new in a strictly musical sense aside from some unusual 2 out of 4instrumentation. One piece of music established here, a frenetic, brutal string passage, would resurface in future battle scenes such as those in Endgame and The Ragged Edge, but there’s very little new here for those who have already heard those releases. Unless you’re a completist, this is a Babylon 5 episodic CD you can safely skip.

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  1. ISN Propaganda / Message from Mars / Bad Situation / Main Title (4:21)
  2. Lines of Communication / An Independent Woman / How To Treat an Ex-Lover /
    Wake-Up Call / Ivanova Volunteers
  3. Concerns About Minbari / The Mars Conspiracy / Independence Promise /
    Minbari Hold-Up
  4. Forell Takes Over / Calls of Passion (8:54)
  5. Skin Dancing / Drakhs Pay The Price (6:00)
  6. War Room Turned Studio / All Hands Full / End Title (4:19)

Released by: Sonic Images
Release date: 1998
Total running time: 31:44