10cc – The Very Best Of 10cc

10cc - The Very Best Of 10ccWhat do you get with a band that seems to be equal parts Beatles influence and comedic irony? That would be 10cc, and those looking for an entry-level crash course into the band’s history could hardly ask for better than The Very Best Of, covering the British group’s six-year career and following it up with some material from alumni Godley & Creme.

10cc’s most offbeat material has always been what appealed to me most about the group, and most of their better efforts can be found here, including “Rubber Bullets”, “Life Is A Minestrone”, “I’m Not In Love”, and a healthy helping of songs from Deceptive Bends, their biggest-selling album (which has already been reviewed here). There are some other tunes which don’t quite do it for me (you’d think, being the vocal harmony fanatic that I am, that I’d dig “I’m Mandy Fly Me”, but for some reason I’ve never really gotten to like that one), but at the very least it’s a decent grouping of the band’s best material.

I’m a little torn about the decision to cap the collection off with Godley & Creme’s “Cry” – it seems a bit like 3 out of 4tagging a Wings song onto a Beatles compilation to me – especially when Godley & Creme’s “History Mix” would’ve been more apt, combining “Cry” with several 10cc chestnuts in a bit of techno mega-mix – it seems to me that this would’ve been a more relevant track. But as fond as people are of “Cry”, I can see why it was included. Overall, a solid slice of 10cc.

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  1. Donna (2:54)
  2. Rubber Bullets (5:17)
  3. The Dean And I (3:03)
  4. The Wall Street Shuffle (3:52)
  5. Sully Love (3:57)
  6. Life Is A Minestrone (4:40)
  7. I’m Not In Love (6:05)
  8. Art For Art’s Sake (5:52)
  9. I’m Mandy Fly Me (5:20)
  10. The Things We Do For Love (3:31)
  11. Good Morning Judge (2:53)
  12. People In Love (3:45)
  13. Dreadlock Holiday (4:59)
  14. For You And I (5:18)
  15. Cry (3:55)

Released by: Mercury
Release date: 1997
Total running time: 65:21

10cc – Deceptive Bends

10cc - Deceptive BendsThough it contains one of the two songs most everyone thinks about when the name 10cc comes up, this album is pretty much average. “The Things We Do For Love” has earned its classic status, but there are other great songs on this album, including the wonderfully beautiful but offbeat ballad “People In Love” and the very strange and well-produced “Honeymoon With B Troop”. (Well-produced in this case meaning that the effects and acoustic treatments used on various voices and instruments are absolutely perfect given the song’s subject; and it’s just so weird, ya gotta love it!) But there are some simply average tracks, such as another well performed and produced track, Feel the Benefit, which is an attempt at emulating the epic-scale structure of such pop medleys as the Beatles’ “Golden Slumbers” / “Carry That Weight” / “The End” that comes across as just that, a smaller-scale copy. Most of the album is pretty good, though; and it comes from that remarkable convergence of talents that seemed to take place all around the same time; 1977 3 out of 4brought us this album with one of 10cc’s biggest singles, ELO’s Out Of The Blue, Alan Parsons’ I Robot, The Rumour’s Frogs, Sprouts, Clogs & Krauts, John Williams’ Star Wars soundtrack, and many others – at least in my book, 1977 seems to have been a musical flashpoint.

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  1. Good Morning Judge (2:53)
  2. The Things We Do For Love (3:30)
  3. Marriage Bureau Rendezvous (4:03)
  4. People In Love (3:45)
  5. Modern Man Blues (5:35)
  6. Honeymoon with B Troop (2:47)
  7. I Bought a Flat Guitar Tutor (1:46)
  8. You’ve Got A Cold (3:36)
  9. Feel the Benefit (11:29)

Released by: PolyGram
Release date: 1977
Total running time: 39:24