Left Banke – The Complete Recordings, 1966-1969

Left Banke - There's Gonna Be A Storm: The Complete Recordings, 1966-1969 Long ago in the mists of time, I started my humble radio career at KBBQ, then known as Q-101 (later renamed Q-100.7 for some reasons that probably have something to do with consultants and FCC regs). I was about to start my senior year of high school. And while rap and dance music were reigning supreme among my peers, I sat at the local broadcast end of a canned satellite radio service and soaked up music from the 50s through the 70s. It immediately rendered me astoundingly unhip at school, and locked me into a time warp that engulfed me until I left radio for TV, but I wouldn’t trade for anything the musical education I absorbed by osmosis during that period. I just sat in the room, ran local commercials during breaks in the satellite schedule, and sleepily intoned the weather forecast twice an hour, and spent the rest of the time listening intently. Sure, there were plenty of songs that got on my nerves, but one of the songs I loved more than most was The Left Banke’s “Walk Away Renee”, a string-drenched, Beatlesque pop tune with great vocal harmonies and an instantly memorable hook. So, when I happened to spot a single (and actually very inexpensive) CD purporting to be the complete recordings of The Left Banke, I picked it up pretty quickly.

Despite its seeming aspiration toward a British Invasion-inspired sound, The Left Banke was based in New York, and barely recorded two albums. I say barely because, according to the CD’s extensive liner notes, the band had practically broken up by the time “Walk Away Renee” hit the charts. The group’s second album was a cobbled-together monstrosity consisting of songs recorded by various combinations of the band’s members, including at least a couple that would’ve qualified as solo recordings. Thus, the band’s entire catalogue of 26 3 out of 4tracks can be crammed onto a single CD.

“Walk Away Renee” still remains my favorite, and must surely be one of the best pop songs committed to tape during the 1960s. “Pretty Ballerina”, which was the next single issued, comes in a fairly close second with its catchy piano hook.

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  1. Walk Away Renee (2:42)
  2. I Haven’t Got The Nerve (2:10)
  3. Pretty Ballerina (2:35)
  4. She May Call You Up Tonight (2:16)
  5. I’ve Got Something On My Mind (2:47)
  6. Barterers and Their Wives (3:18)
  7. Let Go Of You Girl (2:51)
  8. What Do You Know (3:02)
  9. Evening Gown (1:46)
  10. Lazy Day (2:23)
  11. Shadows Breaking Over My Head (2:35)
  12. Ivy Ivy (3:11)
  13. Men Are Building Sand (2:19)
  14. Desiree (2:42)
  15. Dark Is The Bark (3:28)
  16. My Friend Today (3:03)
  17. Sing Little Bird Sing (3:09)
  18. And Suddenly (2:05)
  19. Goodbye Holly (2:56)
  20. In the Morning Light (2:50)
  21. Bryant Hotel (3:24)
  22. Give the Man a Hand (2:33)
  23. Nice To See You (2:41)
  24. There’s Gonna Be A Storm (4:16)
  25. Pedestal (3:45)
  26. Myrah (3:21)

Released by: Mercury / Polygram
Release date: 1992
Total running time: 75:08