Babylon 5: Z’Ha’Dum

Babylon 5: Z'Ha'Dum soundtrackThe smashing finale to Babylon 5’s third season received an atypically quiet musical score until the last couple of acts, and now that atypically quiet musical score can be yours! The two highlights of this album are the “Into The Abyss” track, almost nine minutes long, which follows the action non-stop from the Shadow ambush of Babylon 5 through Sheridan’s amazing leap of faith, and “Epilogue / What The Future May Hold”, part of which had been heard in a slightly different form on Shadow Dancing, but are much better represented here.

3 out of 4

  1. Destiny Awaits / Delenn at the Gray Council / Main Title (4:58)
  2. G’Kar & Ivanova / In Medlab / Sheridan Questions Delenn (5:43)
  3. Anna Tells Her Story / Sheridan Gives In / Determined To Go (6:12)
  4. Towards Z’Ha’Dum / Arrival on Z’Ha’Dum / Meeting the Enemy (7:39)
  5. Order this CD Into The Abyss (8:48)
  6. Epilogue / What The Future May Hold / End Title (3:03)

Released by: Sonic Images
Release date: 1997
Total running time: 36:23