Babylon 5: Walkabout

Babylon 5: Walkabout soundtrackThis episode, toward the end of Babylon 5’s third season, was notable in that it featured two songs sung by a lounge singer character (played by Erica Gimpel of TV’s Fame…fame). These songs gave the episode a very distinct feel all its own, and were often requested for a future CD release by many B5 fans. Little did the fans know what they were getting into. Walkabout was among the first five episodes to merit their own soundtrack release in the form of CDs which averaged only 30 minutes – only half the length of the two existing Babylon 5 compilation soundtracks…but at just a few dollars short of the full price. I initially decided that I would not be sucked into the collectors’ trap of trying to snag each and every B5 disc, but just those that I wanted based on how well I liked the music and the episode. I was certain, however, that I wanted Walkabout. And of the first five B5 episodic soundtracks released, it is easily the most worthwhile – none of its music was featured on either of the two compilation soundtracks previously issued by Sonic Images, and furthermore, it included those two oft-requested songs. It’s worth it.

4 out of 4Some trivia of note: the lyrics of both songs were written by Babylon 5 creator/writer J. Michael Straczynski. The music of the first song was written by Christopher Franke, and Erica Gimpel herself composed the second song. If some of the battle music sounds vaguely familiar, it is because it served as the main inspiration for the theme music for the fourth season.

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  1. Where Is The Captain (0:55)
  2. Vorlon Ship Arrival (2:07)
  3. Main Title / narration by Claudia Christian (1:29)
  4. Swedish Meatballs (0:26)
  5. G’Kar and Na’Kal (1:18)
  6. The New Vorlon (0:40)
  7. Changing Places (0:36)
  8. Conversational Developments (2:32)
  9. Sheridan and Lyta (0:20)
  10. Sheridan and the Vorlon Mystery (0:39)
  11. Goodbye – sung by Erica Gimpel (2:43)
  12. Caylin Introduced (1:06)
  13. En Route (0:39)
  14. Caylin and Franklin (0:38)
  15. Lyta and Sheridan (1:04)
  16. Begin to Attack the Shadows (1:22)
  17. Battle part one (2:35)
  18. Battle part two (3:33)
  19. Caylin Unconscious (0:16)
  20. Caylin Diagnosed (1:09)
  21. The Return (0:47)
  22. All Of Me – sung by Erica Gimpel (1:45)

Released by: Sonic Images
Release date: 1997
Total running time: 28:58