Babylon 5: The Ragged Edge

Babylon 5: The Ragged Edge soundtrackThe music for Babylon 5’s 100th episode, minus the visual component of the show, turns out to be largely unremarkable with only a couple of cues standing out. One accompanies the expansive computer-generated vista seen as Garibaldi steps out onto the balcony of his room on the Drazi homeworld, and the other is a fast-paced cue heard as Garibaldi finds himself fighting a band of murderous conspirators as well as a killer hangover.

Another unique feature of this particular episodic CD is the inclusion of the fifth season opening and closing themes. The motif which opens the theme was previously heard in a slice of original music on the Babylon 5: Messages From Earth CD which had not previously aired, and new elements were added to create the theme for Babylon 5’s fifth year. The second wave of Babylon 5 CDs all share one common element – unlike the first batch, none of them include the narration on the theme song. That’s welcome in this case, though the overlapping of voices and effects in the fifth season theme would’ve been interesting to hear in stereo – I’m sure I’m not the only 3 out of 4person whose cable system doesn’t offer much in the way of stereo signals.

One very interesting element I picked up from listening to many of the seemingly quieter passages in headphones is a greater reliance on acoustic instruments – or perhaps they’re just better samples. Either way, it’s an interesting addition to the largely synthetic palette that Franke uses in his Babylon 5 scores.

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  1. Get Ready for the Meeting (1:32)
    Transport Attack (0:48)
    Main Title / fifth season (1:31)
  2. The Secret Around G’Kar (0:28)

    Meeting in Sheridan’s Office (0:32)

    Garibaldi’s Mission (0:45)

    The Book of G’Kar (2:31)

  3. Garibaldi’s Departure (0:38)

    Garibaldi Arrives at Drazi Homeworld (2:05)

    Tafiq and Garibaldi Drunk (0:59)

    Tafiq Gets Killed (0:27)

  4. Garibaldi In Trouble (3:32)

    G’Kar Starts Teaching (0:44)

  5. Londo Recognizes Button (1:28)

    G’Kar About Londo (1:16)

    Franklin’s Decision (0:21)

  6. G’Kar Teaches (0:31)

    Put Your Head In The Book (1:03)

    Garibaldi Is Drunk Again (1:02)

    End Title (0:36)

Released by: Sonic Images
Release date: 1998
Total running time: 22:42