Babylon 5: The Face of the Enemy

Babylon 5: The Face of the Enemy soundtrackYet another pivotal episode of Babylon 5, this tale of Sheridan’s betrayal by one of his own allies is remembered chiefly for the bizarre bit of custom-crafted rock music that accompanied that exact moment in the story. Unlike the Walkabout CD, Face Of The Enemy squeezes that song into one of the multi-cue tracks, as has come to be the norm for the Babylon 5 CDs, and furthermore, Sonic Images’ new practice of squeezing the liner and story notes into a ring of illegible text in the bottom of the clear CD tray leaves no room to credit the song’s performers – and they certainly deserve credit, for the song (ignominiously titled “Bar Background Music”) has much more depth than could readily be heard when the episode in question was broadcast. Two other cues, “Bester’s Whole Truth” and “Garibaldi 3 out of 4Comes To His Senses”, are also worthy of your time; the latter cue accompanied the bizarre montage of Garibaldi coming to the realization that he has spent nearly a year under Bester’s mind control. As is the case with most of the new Babylon 5 CDs, good music and lousy packaging.

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  1. The War Continues (1:35)
    Thirty Pieces of Silver (0:28)
    Main title / fourth season (1:29)
  2. Meet The Agamemnon (2:55)
    Telepath Cargo (0:49)
    Garibaldi’s Message to Sheridan (1:00)
  3. Ivanova Warns Sheridan (0:27)
    Sheridan Departs for Earth (1:03)
    Lyta’s History on Mars (2:28)
    Bar Background Music (3:27)
  4. Sheridan’s Arrest (1:11)
    Edgar’s Whole Truth (4:16)
    Bester Unlocks Garibaldi (0:28)
  5. Garibaldi Downloaded (1:13)
    Bester’s Whole Truth (4:45)
    Garibaldi Coming To His Senses (0:48)
  6. The Future Looming Ahead (3:23)
    End Title (0:40)

Released by: Sonic Images
Release date: 1998
Total running time: 32:20