Babylon 5: Sleeping In Light

Babylon 5: Sleeping In Light soundtrackThe hauntingly tragic music from the final hour of Babylon 5 is easily the jewel in Chris Franke’s crown over the past six years. There is almost nothing that ties this episode’s music to the rest of Babylon 5, with the exception of a couple of cues which appeared in the two episodes preceding Sleeping In Light. Even the theme is a treat, since the unique titles in Sleeping In Light were not only completely different from any other main theme in the show’s history, but didn’t appear until the end of the episode, giving a “bookend” effect. The music’s success lies with the Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra’s string sections more than usual, giving the tragically touching episode’s story a very human musical treatment. Though Franke has achieved great intensity in the past, that intensity has 4 out of 4usually been of the fiery, warlike variety, whereas Sleeping In Light relies on a purely emotional intensity and genuine acoustics. There’s much more subtlety in the music than really got through in the televised sound mix, and anyone who watched the episode and thought, “Wow, the music’s really good this week!” should give this CD a listen – even if you thought it was good, it’s better than you think.

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  1. Act One (2:11)
    • Sheridan’s Dream (1:36)
    • Sunrise (0:45)
  2. Act Two (2:51)
    • I Have a Message (1:57)
    • Come To Minbar (0:53)
  3. Act Three (7:11)
    • How Long Do I Have? (1:27)
    • Old Friends (2:26)
    • I Am Going To Miss Him (1:43)
    • Sheridan’s Last Wish (1:39)
  4. Act Four (5:05)
    • It’s Sunday On Earth (0:27)
    • Goodnight, My Love (2:00)
    • Only Memory (1:22)
    • Computer, Set Course (1:24)
  5. Act Five (5:39)
    • The White Light (1:16)
    • Echoes of the Past (1:19)
    • Dying Station (2:32)
    • Delenn’s Sunrise (0:32)
  6. End Title (1:44)

Released by: Sonic Images
Release date: 1999
Total running time: 24:40