Babylon 5: Shadow Dancing

Babylon 5: Shadow Dancing soundtrackThe Musical Turkey of the Year Award goes to Chris Franke for largely reusing music from Severed Dreams for this episode. I had always noted the similarities, but figured that this was due to the style, not a direct bar-by-bar reuse of the earlier score. Booooooo! I had never seriously considered buying every one of the Babylon 5 CDs that Franke was releasing, but this dud has made me decide to draw up a wish list of B5 soundtracks and stick to it rigidly to the exclusion of all else. Avoid, avoid, avoid. There are some decent cues on here which do not originate from Severed Dreams, but it is 2 out of 4questionable whether these snippets of music are worth the purchase price of another entire compact disc.

This CD made me revise my thinking on Babylon 5 albums. Being an avid fan with every episode on tape, from now on I will watch episodes from which music is released before even considering a single purchase.

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  1. Towards Fate (0:50)
    Delenn at the Grey Council (1:17)
    Advance Scout Mission (1:20)
    Main Title / narration by Claudia Christian (1:29)
  2. Marcus and Ivanova Depart (0:26)
    Garibaldi Worried (0:43)
    Franklin and Child (1:02)
    Ivanova and Minbari Rest (0:58)
    Three Nights Together (1:34)
    Franklin Attack (1:08)
  3. Franklin Wounded (0:51)
    Shadow Scout Encounter (1:14)
    The Signal (2:38)
  4. Countdown (0:35)
    The Grand Confrontation (6:47)
  5. Emergency Treatment (0:56)
    What’s Next? (0:38)
    Recovery (0:47)
    Dream Interpretation (2:28)
  6. I’m Anna Sheridan (4:13)
    End Title (0:37)

Released by: Sonic Images
Release date: 1997
Total running time: 33:50