Babylon 5: Severed Dreams

Babylon 5: Severed Dreams soundtrackAnd here we are with Severed Dreams – wow, that’s two more of the episodic Babylon 5 CDs than I’d originally planned to buy. The Hugo-winning episode of the same name sees Captain Sheridan and the crew of Babylon 5 declaring independence from the government of Earth, something which is not taken lightly, and a monstrous firefight ensues between the newly-independent rebels and their former leaders. This CD is worth its price almost for that eight-minute-long battle cue alone, though 4 out of 4some of the quieter, uneasy passages are just as effective. Of the first wave of five episodic scores released by Sonic Images for Babylon 5, this is one of the only two discs I can really recommend.

  1. Status Quo (0:47)
    First Engagement (1:44)
    Set Course For Babylon 5 (0:29)
    Main Title / narration by Claudia Christian (1:29)
  2. We’re In Trouble (1:04)
    The Arrival of the Alexander (1:22)
    The Speech (0:52)
    Major Ryan Arrives (0:54)
    Mars Attack (0:30)
  3. Order this CD Station Intro (0:26)
    The Arrival of the Churchill (0:41)
    The Attack on ISN (1:04)
    Sheridan and Hiroshi (1:20)
    The Flight (0:32)
  4. Mobilization (2:05)
    Delenn Breaks the Grey Council (1:24)
    Sheridan and Father (3:31)
    Final Countdown (2:12)
    The Big Battle (8:07)
  5. Aftermath (0:20)
    What The Future May Hold (1:38)
    End Title (0:37)

Released by: Sonic Images
Release date: 1997
Total running time: 33:15