Babylon 5: Objects at Rest

Babylon 5: Objects at Rest soundtrackThe last Babylon 5 episode produced, this episode dealt primarily with the scattering of the show’s cast of characters. As such, there aren’t many action cues; the only fast-paced material surrounds Lennier’s betrayal of Sheridan halfway through the show. But in many ways, the more reflective and quiet music on this disc is much more interesting than any action cue that could’ve been jammed into the show sideways. Objects At Rest is very closely linked, thematically, to the final episode aired, Sleeping In Light. And those similarities in tone extend to the music. Sheridan’s salute to the new crew of Babylon 5 appropriately echoes the music heard over the destruction of the station in Sleeping In Light, and the final cue before the end credits of Objects At Rest serves as a very effective musical prologue to the next episode. Other moments worth listening for: Franklin’s 4 out of 4departure (given a rather lonely, melancholy sound instead of playing up the emotion), Sheridan’s recorded message to his unborn child, and especially the unsettling music heard as Londo – now Emperor of the Centauri – communicates with his new masters as he leaves Minbar. You’ll get much more out of Objects At Rest by listening to it back-to-back with Sleeping In Light.

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  1. Teaser (3:44)

    • Opening "Objects At Rest" (0:31)
    • Sheridan and Lochley Say Goodbye (0:37)
    • Message from G’Kar (1:08)
    • Babylon 5 season five main title (1:30)
  2. Act One (3:51)

    • G’Kar’s Emotional Address (1:29)
    • Franklin Is About To Leave (0:43)
    • Lennier’s Surprise Visit (0:27)
    • Garibaldi On Mars (0:39)
    • Garibaldi’s Idea / Franklin’s Goodbye (0:55)
  3. Act Two (6:39)

    • Rumors (0:39)
    • The Word "Goodbye" (2:35)
    • One Last Look At The Place (2:33)
    • Danger and Betrayal (0:53)
  4. Act Three (4:14)

    • Desperation (2:00)
    • Minbar – The New Home (2:15)
  5. Act Four (4:08)

    • Delenn and Londo’s Moment (1:05)
    • Londo’s Sealed Gift (0:34)
    • The Modesty (1:21)
    • Dark Secrets of Fate (1:26)
  6. Act Five (5:17)

    • Sheridan’s Message (1:33)
    • Talking To The Unborn (2:14)
    • Delenn and Sheridan (1:00)
    • End Title (0:36)

Released by: Sonic Images
Release date: 1999
Total running time: 27:52