Babylon 5: And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place

Babylon 5: And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place soundtrackOriginally offered as a bonus CD available only to readers of Babylon 5 Magazine who buy two other titles from Sonic Images (yeah, I’m just enough of a hardcore fan to have actually broken down and done this), this third season gem is probably best remembered – at least in a musical sense – because of the nearly-creepy scene in which Refa, Londo’s murderous political adversary, dies at the hands of a pack of Narns while the strains of an old-fashioned gospel song (being sung simultaneously in a church service aboard Babylon 5) joyously extolls the horrible fate awaiting sinners who don’t repent. Much 4 out of 4of the music from the episode itself is just a wee bit forgettable (though there are some unique cues that didn’t appear before or after this episode), and I imagine most people who, like myself, go through the convoluted process of getting this title are probably biting just for the catchy gospel tune.

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  1. Teaser (3:17)
    • The Status Quo (1:34)
    • Londo’s Plan (0:13)
  2. Act One (4:52)
    • Arrival of the Delegations (1:44)
    • Dinner Plans (0:56)
    • Londo Threatens Vir (0:49)
    • Taking Meetings (1:30)
  3. Act Two (3:25)
    • Londo’s Promise (1:23)
    • G’Kar’s Request / Vir Kidnapped (2:13)
  4. Act Three (4:21)
    • Church Meeting Plan (0:20)
    • Vir Gets Scanned (1:30)
    • Dexter’s Story / Narn Homeworld (1:54)
    • Refa Prepares The Attack (0:38)
  5. Act Four (9:32)
    • Refa Is Trapped (7:35)
    • No Hiding Place (1:32)
    • Refa’s End (0:23)
  6. Act Five (2:30)
    • The New Fleet (1:53)
    • End Title (0:37)

Released by: Sonic Images
Release date: 1998
Total running time: 27:59