Babylon 5: A Late Delivery From Avalon

Babylon 5: A Late Delivery From Avalon soundtrackWell-loved for Michael York’s intense guest performance as a veteran of the Earth-Minbari War who thinks he’s a latter-day King Arthur, this installment of Babylon 5 received a kind of synth-Celtic treatment from Chris Franke at the request of J. Michael Straczynski, and that’s what it got. Though Celtic music has been attaining a widespread following for quite a while (some of which, sadly, is probably due to Riverdance and Lord Of The Pants), it could’ve gotten a better representation here. Now, in a way, that’s not an entirely fair assessment, because the music was not the focus of the episode, merely a background element. But in some places it comes across as very repetitive and not 3 out of 4terribly authentic in the Celtic department. Easily the best track on the album is the lengthy scene in which York’s character recalls his actual war experiences and the Arthurian parallels – and the music explodes into an epic-scale requiem.

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  1. Setting the Stage (0:35)
    Awakening (2:06)
    Main Title / narration by Claudia Christian (1:29)
  2. Franklin and Marcus (0:26)
    Transition (0:30)
    Arthur and Marcus part 1 (1:29)
  3. Arthur and Marcus part 2 (1:13)
    Arthur Gives In (0:38)
    Franklin and Arthur (1:13)
    Arthur Helps Old Lady (1:58)
    Arthur Comes To Rescue (1:30)
  4. G’Kar Helps Arthur (0:38)
    "Sir" G’Kar (0:32)
    Arthur’s Story Told (2:02)
    G’Kar Drunk (0:44)
    The Truth (1:18)
  5. Arthur Becomes David (3:55)
    The Lady of the Lake (1:44)
    Arthur Departure (1:03)
    Afterthoughts (0:47)
    End Title (0:37)

Released by: Sonic Images
Release date: 1997
Total running time: 26:37