When In Rome

Xena: Warrior PrincessWhen Caesar captures the leader of the resistence in Gual, Xena decides to make a trade for him. She captures Crassus, a member of the Roman Triumvirate. But Caesar refuses to give up his prisoner, so the warrior comes up with a plan to switch the men.

Order the DVDswritten by Steven L. Sears
directed by John Laing
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Karl Urban (Caesar), Jermey Callaghan (Pompey), Matthew Chamberlain (Crassus), Grant Triplow (Brutus), Tamati Rice (Vircinix), Katrina Browne (Mendala), Riqi Harawira (Guard), Gavin Rutherford (Centurion), Graham Smith (Boat Captain), and Argo

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell