Xena: Warrior PrincessKing Lias summons Xena and Gabrielle to his castle. Gabrielle is to meet up with Xena in a tavern before heading there, but Joxer tells her the warrior has already left for Trius. To the bard’s surprise, “Xena” has her thrown into the dungeon, shortly after her arrival at the castle. Agis, a friend of this “Xena” tells her that wasn’t a good idea and has her go and speak to Gabrielle. She tells the Amazon that she is in the dungeon for her own protection. Xena stops in at the tavern where she was to meet with Gabrielle. The barkeep tells her that she left the day before. When the warrior starts to leave, soldiers appear and try to stop her. Joxer goes to the castle. He is convinced that “Xena” is in love with him. He unknowingly makes an inappropriate advance on the princess, who is an exact lookalike of the real Xena. She has him thrown into the dungeon with Gabrielle. “Xena” has learned of Joxer’s imprisonment and has him freed. She still insists that the bard remain where she is for her own safety. Gabrielle is furious. The real Xena finally makes it to the castle. Joxer surprises her, and he finally realizes that she isn’t interested in him at all. The two are about to go after Gabrielle, when “Xena” enters the room with Agis. From their hiding place, they learn that Agis hired Meg to first take Xena’s place and then later Diana’s. After they free Gabrielle, they make plans to stop Agis’ scheme.

Order the DVDswritten by R.J. Stewart
directed by Josh Becker
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Lucy Lawless (Diana / Meg), Ted Raimi (Joxer), Norman Forsey (King Lias), Iain Rea (Philemon), Chris Bailey (Agis), Simone Fa’amoe (Alcibiades), Tim Faville (Barfly #1), Tai Hadfield (Guard), Collette Pennington (Nurse), Lawrence Wharerau (Barfly #2)

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell