The Titans

Xena: Warrior PrincessXena is in pursuit of the bandit Hesiot. She has cornered him and his men. They try to take her, but she easily subdues all of them except Hesiot. He steals a horse from a man that has entered the area. Xena takes off after him, leaving Gabrielle behind. Hearing voices from a cave, Gabrielle decides to investigate. Several priests have gathered and they are having a young woman read a chant from a scroll. They are about to give up on the chant, when Gabrielle tells them that the girl is using the wrong rhythm. She takes the scroll and reads it aloud. When she has finished reading, the ground shakes. She has just freed three Titans – Hyperion, Thea, and Crius. Xena has caught up with Hesiot at a tavern in the village. Before she can take him away, warriors appear in the tavern. Surrounded, Xena will have to let Hesiot go to fight them. Gabrielle suddenly appears, and she has brought the Titans with her. Believing that she is a goddess, they will obey her commands. When she orders it, Crius scatters the warriors easily. Gabrielle then orders the Titans to make repairs to the dam and other things that the villagers need taken care of. When they return, Hyperion demands that she uses her powers as a goddess to create a feast for the Titans. Gabrielle makes excuses as to why she doesn’t want to do that. Hyperion blows the young woman down. He’s annoyed to learn that he has been taking orders from a mortal. The Titan wants to take Gabrielle with them, but Xena stops him. He laughs when she says that she’s the “goddess’s” protector, until she stabs him in the foot when he tries to crush her and Gabrielle. Xena tries to find a place to hide Gabrielle, but Hyperion is demolishing all of the buildings in the village.

Finally a young preist leads the to women to the temple of Cronus. The Titans will leave that temple alone since it honors a fellow Titan. Hyperion threatens to kill any mortals he finds unless the villagers hand over Xena and Gabrielle. But the villagers are just as afraid of the warrior princess as they are the Titans. Some villagers realize that several of the children are missing. They had set out on an excursion earlier in the day and haven’t returned. Xena leaves the temple to search for them. Hyperion has heard the children and manages to send them into the cave that the Titans are staying in. Crius doesn’t like the what Hyperion is doing, and the two soon get into a fight. While they are fighting, Xena sneaks in and rescues the children. When she brings them back to the temple, Hesiot has convinced the villagers to free him and help him capture Xena. Hesiot and one of the villagers take Xena to the Titans. But while he and the other man aren’t paying attention, Xena has freed herself and escaped. Hyperion is angry and crushes the two men.

Xena returns to the Titans cave and overhears what Hyperion is planning. There are hundreds of Titans imprisioned in the cave and he wants Gabrielle to read the chant that will free them. When Xena goes back to the temple, she tells the villagers of Hyperion’s plans. She has an idea of her own and puts the villagers to work on it. Later Xena gets into an arguement with Gabrielle. And when no one else is looking, the young woman sneaks out of the temple.

Order the DVDswritten by R.J. Stewart
directed by Eric Brevig
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Andy Anderson (Hesiot), Edward Campbell (Crius), Jack Dacey (Creon), David Mackie (Rhodos), Syd Mannion (Calchas), Mark Raffety (Hyperion), Paolo Rotondo (Philius), Amanda Tollemache (Thea), Simon Cameron (Villager #2), Julianne Evans (Second Woman), Sian Hughes (Young Woman), Peter Morgan (Barkeep), Maggie Tarver (Villager #1)

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell