The Return Of The Valkyrie

Xena: Warrior PrincessA year has passed and Gabrielle is still sleeping in the ring of fire that Brunhilda turned herself into. Some men approach the ring, with their leader determined to free her. Beowulf is also there and tells Lord Erick there is no way for anyone to enter the flames unless they are Gabrielle’s true soulmate and displays his burned hand as proof. He also warns that there is something else that Erick should be aware of: Grinhilda. The Valkyrie is still a monster and attacks the men. Beowulf tells Erick he should call off his men, but he won’t listen. He runs toward the ring of fire and is consumed by the flames. Seeing their leader killed and knowing they won’t survive Grinhilda’s attack, the others retreat. Beowulf tells his friend Wiglaf that he’s returning to Denmark to seek the help of King Hrothgar. In Hrothgar’s palace they learn that the King is about to be married to a woman named Welthea. Wiglaf says that’s not a Norse name. Beowulf says no, but that it sounds Celtic. They turn to watch as the bride is escorted into the room, and Beowulf recognizes her as Xena.

Order the DVDswritten by Emily Skopov
directed by John Fawcett
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Brittney Powell (Bunnhilda), Roger Morrissey (Monster Grinhilda), Renato Bartolomei (Beowulf), Alexander Petersons (Odin), Victoria Hill (Waltraute), Luanne Gordon (Grinhilda), Dean O’Gorman (Wiglaf), Stephanie Bertram (Third Rheinmaiden), Ben Brown (Villager), Loren Horsley (Sirglinda), Denys Hoskins (Priest), Marama Jackson (First Rheinmaiden), John Leigh (Hrothgar), Genevieve McLean (Hildegyth), Steve McQuillan (Viking #1), Lucy Thomas (Second Rheinmaiden), John Wraight (Lord Erick)

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell