The Prodigal

Xena: Warrior PrincessWhile traveling, Xena and Gabrielle encounter a giant wall of rocks. But before they can find another way to go, they are ambushed by highwaymen. As part of their ambush, the men have a large cart loaded down with logs that they will send at their victims. When the cart starts for the two friends, Gabrielle freezes and Xena has to knock her off of her feet. Seeing that the women managed to avoid their trap, the highwaymen run off. Gabrielle is bothered by the fact that she froze. She decides it’s best that she leave Xena or else face the possibility that she could get her friend hurt or killed. So she gathers her belongings and heads for home. On her way to Poteidaia, Gabrielle learns that the warlord Damon is in the area. She rushes to the village to warn her friends and family, but when she arrives the place is deserted. The people have all gathered in the tavern, waiting for the warrior Meleager to arrive. When he does, he’s drunk and passes out on the floor. Since she has been traveling with Xena, the townspeople expect Gabrielle and her sister Lila to take care of Meleager. Gabrielle is annoyed about that. And to add to her frustrations, her sister is jealous of her friendship with Xena.

Later, the villagers again gather at the tavern, while Meleager gives them advice on things they can use as weapons. Lila begins to fight with her sister, and the two only stop when they spot Damon’s scouts outside the village. Back in the tavern, the warrior has started drinking again and won’t be able help. But Gabrielle decides to rig him up and shouts out a warning to the scouts about Meleager and they retreat. When the warrior finally regains conciousness, he tells Gabrielle about his problems and she realizes that he lost his nerve. But she tells him that the town needs his help and that he can’t have any more wine until the job of getting rid of Damon is finished. Damon is surprised by the news of Meleager being in the area. He decides to see if he can convince the great warrior to join him and sends out men to capture him. Gabrielle, Meleager, and Lila head out to the woods surrounding Poteidaia to make plans for ambushing Damon and his army. The trio seperate to check things out. Lila is still jealous and starts to argues with her sister again. Gabrielle trys to work things out, and finally admits that she’s home for good. Suddenly they hear Meleager shout, and when they go to look for him, Gabrielle realizes that he has been kidnapped. She sends Lila back to the village to keep the people from becoming alarmed, while she heads off to Damon’s camp.

Damon makes his offer to Meleager, but before the warrior can accept, Gabrielle is dragged into the camp. Meleager says he’ll consider if he’s left alone with the bard. The two figure out a way to sneak out of the camp and return to Poteidaia. Under Meleager and Gabrielle’s direction, the villagers began to prepare traps for Damon’s army. But the warrior has realized that it probably won’t be enough. When the alarm is sounded the next morning, he is nowhere to be found. The townspeople are prepared to surrender, when Lila says that they don’t need Meleager, they have Gabrielle. The bard manages to rally the villagers and they prepare for Damon’s arrival. The traps work fairly well in slowing down the army, but when Damon himself arrives they regroup. Before they are able to start another attack, a javelin is thrown, spearing several soldiers in the process.

Order the DVDswritten by Chris Manheim
directed by John T. Kretchmer
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Willa O’Neill (Lila), Tim Thomerson (Meleager), Steve Hall (Damon), Anton Bentley (Athol), Margaret Conquest (Villager), Wally Green (Elderly Driver), Ashley Stansfield (Sentry), Barry Te Hira (Head Highwayman)

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell