The Path Not Taken

Xena: Warrior PrincessA young princess is kidnapped, and her fiance seeks out Xena’s help in rescuing her. He tells the warrior that she was taken to Traikus and is being held by the arms dealer Mezentius. When Xena arrives in Traikus, other warriors are suspicious of her. They’ve heard the stories about how she has changed. She tells them that her “help” is just a way of gaining people’s trust. Marcus, an ex-lover, is happy to see Xena. He introduces her to Mezentius. The arms dealer is wary of Xena until he hears her plans. She tells him she knows that he has the princess, and that he hopes that her family will go to war against her fiance’s family. She says that her army could extend the battle by fighting first for one side and then the other in exchange for half of his profits and ransom. Before he can answer, there is a commotion outside. The princess is on a ledge with a knife. She plans on killing herself because she’s afraid of what Mezentius has planned for her. Xena goes to the balcony and tells the princess that her fiance sent her. She’s unwilling to believe until Xena shows her proof. The warrior tells her to meet her later and she will get her out of Traikus. Mezentius finally agrees to Xena’s proposal. Xena meets the princess, but before they can leave Mezentius arrives. Xena hides the girl, and talks to the arms dealer. He finally goes away, and Xena sneaks the princess into a storage room. She has removed weapons from one of the crates, and hides the princess in it. But before she can get the crate outside, Marcus arrives.

Order the DVDswritten by Julie Sherman
directed by Stephen L. Posey
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Bobby Hosea (Marcus), Stephen Tozer (Mezentius), Nicola Cliff (Jana), Jimi Liversidge (Agranon), John O’Leary (Antonius), Iain Rea (Brisus), Christine Bartlett (Philana), Peter Saena-Brown (Soldier #1), Paul Norell (Street Vendor)

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell