The Furies

Xena: Warrior PrincessAres visits the temple of the Furies. He wants their decision on their judgement of Xena for failing to avenge her father’s murder. The goddesses agree that she is guilty. Ares asks that they punish Xena with both persecution and madness. It’s an unusual request, but they agree. Xena and Gabrielle are enjoying the day when bounty hunters appear. They have come to collect Xena’s head to take to the Furies. During the fight, the Furies inact their punishment of madness. With the bounty hunters defeated, Gabrielle makes Xena question their leader. The questions the warrior ask have nothing to do with what they need to know so the bard takes over. They then head for the temple of the Furies. The priest tells them that Xena is being punished for not avenging her father’s murder. The warrior decides to head for Amphipolis to question her mother. When she briefly mistakes Gabrielle for Callisto, she ties the bard to a tree. But the young woman manages to fee herself and follows her friend.

Order the DVDswritten by R.J. Stewart
directed by Gilbert Shilton
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Kevin Smith (Ares), Darien Takle (Cyrene), Steve Farac-Ciprian (Orestes), Celi Foncesca (Tisiphone), Gordon Hatfield (Rufinus), Graciela Heredia (Megaera), Asa Lindh (Alceto), Reuben Purchase (Keeper), Craig Walsh-Wrightson (Lysis), and Argo

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell