Soul Possession

Xena: Warrior PrincessXena and Joxer are at the edge of a cliff discussing a scroll that she has with her. Joxer thinks they should destroy it, but he can’t tear it. Then he decides that maybe they could disguise it by hiding it within another scroll. Xena approves, then takes both scrolls and stuffs them in a jar, before diving from the cliff into the Ionian sea.

In the present day, C.H.A.K.R.A.M, a group who has been researching Xena and Gabrielle, holds a press conference to talk about a scroll that has been discovered in the Ionian sea. Dr. Fredrick Delaney, who is speaking for the organization, claims that they have proof that Xena was married – to Ares.

Order the DVDswritten by Melissa Blake
directed by Josh Becker
music by Joseph LoDuca

Cast: Renee O’Connor (Mattie), Lucy Lawless (Annie Day / Meg), Ted Raimi (Harry / Joxer), Kevin Smith (Ares), Elizabeth Pendegrast (Atropos), Chloe Jordan (Lachesis), Leah Mizrahi (Clotho), Jennifer Rucker (Xena Fan #2), Barb Binder (Carly Binding), Michael Saccente (Dr. Frederick Delaney), Lucy Briant (Roxanne Fields), Anne Nordhaus (Xena Fan #1), Campbell Cooley (Random Reporter)

Note: Barb Binder is the webmaster of the Xena fan site, Whoosh!.

Original title: Missing Pieces

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell