Xena: Warrior PrincessA group of bounty hunters attempt to kill Xena, but fail. One is hit in the throat with a dagger and Xena removes it and treats his wound. Later at an inn where she and Gabrielle have taken the man, loud screams are heard. The gods have chained Prometheus. Immediately mankind looses the gift of healing that they recieved from the great Titan. The next morning, Xena and Gabrielle head to a temple. Inside Xena recieves instructions from the oracle about how to free Prometheous. When she returns to Gabrielle, she asks what her friend would do if anything were to happen to her. Gab says she could become a bard, but doesn’t really want to discuss it further. They stop at a merchant’s tent to ask directions to Vulcan mountain. Xena asks Gabrielle to wait there for her. At the cave of Hephestus, Hera’s warriors chase after Xena. She finally loses all of them and finds the sword she has been looking for.

Returning to Argo, she is greeted by Hercules. He insists that she hand over the sword. She fights him briefly, and then leaps onto Argo and races off. While Gabrielle is waiting for Xena, Iolous arrives. The two talk briefly until Xena shows up. She warns Iolous not to follow them. They stop for a rest at a barn, and more of Hera’s warriors appear. Hercules and Iolous are also there and soon they have defeated the warriors. But one is still determined to stop them and he grabs the sword that Xena retrieved earlier. When he swings it at her, Hercules blocks the blow with his guantlet and the soldier disentigrates. The chains of Prometheus were made by Hephestus, just like Hercules’ guantlets, so whoever breaks the chains will meet with the same fate as the soldier.

The foursome have reached the mountain that Prometheous is chained upon and enter a cave. Zeus had once shown the caves to his son and he knows that it will be a shortcut to freeing the Titan. Not far into the cave, Gabrielle discovers that Iolous was wounded during the fight in the barn. At his insistance, she agrees not to tell the others. As they continue on, there is a cave-in. During the commotion, Gabrielle bumps into Iolous and aggravates his injury. She decides to break their agreement and tells Xena and Hercules about what happened to Iolous. They decide it would be best if he stayed behind and rest. Gabrielle agrees to stay with him. Xena and Hercules continue on, but soon the gift of fire is lost. Fortunately they have found the opening they will need to reach Prometheus. Hercules starts to climb up to it, but Xena knocks him out and takes the sword, and then begins to climb out of the cave.

Order the DVDswritten by R.J. Stewart
directed by Stephen L. Posey
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Michael Hurst (Iolous), Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), Jody Dorday (Io), John Freeman (Prometheus), Russell Gowers (Demophon), David Mitchell (Innkeeper), Paul Norell (Statius), Sarah Wiseman (Young Woman)

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell

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