Past Imperfect

Xena: Warrior PrincessXena has finally told Gabrielle about the vision of their death, but the bard believes that it’s not necessarily going to happen. When Xena tries to leave her behind while she goes to warn the village of Actis that an army is approaching, Gabrielle insists on joining her.

At the village, they learn that many of the soldiers that defend the city are ill. As Xena is talking with the commander, the invading forces catapult firebombs over the city walls. During the attack, the commander is killed and Xena starts to remember a similar attack her army waged against Corinth. When the warrior learns that the next in command doesn’t have any battle expirence, she takes charge.

In the infirmary, she notices a nurse feeding men. Xena stops her and tests the food. And as suspected, the food is poisoned, and that is why the men are ill. The warrior realizes that whoever is leading the attack may be someone from her past who is using her strategy. Now she has to figure out who it is – and how to stop them.

Order the DVDswritten by Steven L. Sears
directed by Garth Maxwell
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Marton Csokas (Borias), Mark Ferguson (Dagnine), Catherine Boniface (Sertrina), Jeff Boyd (Kaleipus), and Argo

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell