Old Ares Had A Farm

Xena: Warrior PrincessXena and Gabrielle have stopped in a tavern to eat, when the warrior notices some men seated at a nearby table that seem familiar. She goes to question one of them, but he doesn’t want to tell her anything until she puts her pinch on him. He tells Xena that they’ve united under the warlord Gasgar to go after Ares now that he’s mortal. They want revenge on the former god of war for double crossing them.

Away from the village, Ares is walking alone when a man appears and says he’s there to collect the bounty. But before he can do anything, Xena and Gabrielle appear and the man retreats. Ares tells them that he’s been having people want to fight him a lot lately. Xena fills him on how the warlords want his head and tells him he should go undercover. The former god of war says he’d been thinking about becoming a king or a priest. But that’s not what Xena had in mind – she thinks he’d be better off hiding out on a farm.

Order the DVDswritten by R.J. Stewart
directed by Charles Siebert
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Kevin Smith (Ares), Noel Coutts (Gasgar), Kirk Torrance (Demetrius), Charmaine Guest (Greba), Norman Forsey (Dempar), Dai Henwood (Siki), Andrew Kovacevich (Allus), Megan Nicol (Bargirl)

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell