King Con

Xena: Warrior PrincessThe bard and warrior find three men beating Joxer. Xena stops them, but they run. She finds the two men who conned Joxer and stole his sword. They tell the warrior that the owner of the casino, where Joxer recently won a lot of money, was most likely behind the attack. Xena decides to bring the man down with the help of the two con men.

Order the DVDswritten by Chris Manheim
directed by Janet Greek
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Ted Raimi (Joxer), Stig Eldred (Titus), Justin Curry (Leo), Patrick Fabian (Rafe), Cameron Rhodes (Eldon), Vikki Cottingham (Barmaid), Bill Florian (Security Guard), Robert McMullen (Croupier/Dealer), Chris Sherwood (Guard #1), and Argo

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell